About Product

Heat-shrinkable tubing (HST)

Heat-shrinkable tubing (HST) are intended for use as a coating material having a protective, insulating, corrosion-resistant properties. Heat-shrinkable tubing used for sealing the veins of wires and cables, including power, soldering wires to carry bundles of bandages, decorative purposes, etc.

Heat-shrinkable tubing (HST) is made of thermoplastic cable tracks modified low-density polyethylene - polyolefin. This composition has a low smoke when burning, do not support combustion and does not emit harmful substances when heated.

The basic property of heat shrinkable tubing - the ability to change its diameter, compressing (perching) under high temperature (70 to 120 degrees Celsius). During the shrinkage of the tube tightly covered item or material, which is shrinking, repeating its outlines, and provides mechanical protection and insulation. Shrinkage process occurs very quickly, you just heat up to desired temperature. This can be done with special heat gun (hair dryer), and even ordinary cigarette lighter, which makes heat-shrinkable tube light in the residential application as, for example, an alternative to adhesive tape.

Primarily it is used for electrical wires and contacts, to protect the contacts and the junction of the wires, the terminals from the effects of the environment, corrosion, fluid, etc.