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It is the richest source of provitamin A in the world (carotinoids), vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols), coenzyme Q 10, which are the most powerful antioxidants, protecting our organism from free radicals. Red color of oil is caused by presence in the structure of many carotinoids, and their content in the oil in 15 times more, than in carrot and in 50 times more, than in tomatoes. For the getting a unique oil “Zlata Palma”® it took the scientists more than 40 years on deducing and cultivation special elite grades of the olive palm trees.


Where the oil “Zlata Palma”® is used

One table spoon of the oil corresponds to the daily need of the adult person in vitamins A and E.The oil “Zlata Palma”® takes in pure form in the medical purposes, and also is added in salads and other culinary products for immunity, as a rich source of natural vitamins.

Recipes based on red palm oil

Red palm oil “Zlata Palma”® does not contain forbidden dopes means or their metabolites. It can be used by sportsmen in the training and competitive cycles



“Zlata Palma"® is a natural source of vitamin E - and tocopherols and tocotrienols. And, if practically, all vegetable oils contain tocopherols, and red palm oil - a unique source, full of tocotrienols. The rich diet of tocotrienols, containing in red palm oil «Zlata Palma"®, promotes clearance of blood vessels from cholesterol plaque and prevention of blood clots formation, thus, considerably lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

"Zlata Palma"® has a high efficiency at prevention and treatments of a diabetes, adiposity, gastro enteric, ulcer, atherosclerosis, stenocardia, myocardial infraction, etc., skin diseases, arthritics, diseases of eyes (a cataract, etc.), and also interferes with development of a cancer( throat, lungs, mammary gland, stomach) and rectum. Besides, the oil “Zlata Palma”® influences well health of the pregnant woman and fetus and health of the nursing mother and the child.

Consumption “Zlata Palma”® increases the content in blood "good" cholesterol and reduces quantity "bad", causing cardiovascular diseases. The Oil “Zlata Palma”® strengthens immune system, interferes with formation of blood clots and slows down the process of organism ageing.

Details about the properties of the oil




Provitamin А (mg/kg)
Vitamin Е (mg/kg)
  carotinoids tocopherols tocotrienols
"Zlata Palma" © 525 325 675
soybean oil 89
corn oil 780
sunflower-seed oil 550
olive oil 50



In the usual refined vegetable oils, prevailing in the world markets, irreplaceable fat acids are frequently already damaged or completely destroyed by rough chemical processes. In addition to it, there are also no carotinoids and vitamin E in these oils. The process of the oil expression " Zlata Palma " ® , its fining and deodorizing are made in so high technology, at which easily oxidized irreplaceable fat acids, the most tenders carotinoids, tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E) are saved in their natural form and natural ratio.

There are no trans-isomers of fat acids, which are very dangerous for the health in the oil «Zlata Palma» ®, because at the oil manufacturing there is no hydrogenation.

The control system of manufacture completely corresponds to requirements of the international quality control of the raw materials, finished goods and technological processes and is approved by the International organization on standardization (MS ISO 9001:2000)

In manufacture of red palm oil " Zlata Palma"® is used a unique technology, which allows to save technically not destroyed vitamin E (in the form of tocopherols and tocotrienols), carotinoids and the irreplaceable fat acids, which are present in the raw palm oil.

Red color of oil, just also is caused by presence in the structure of large quantity of natural carotinoids, and such content in the oil in 15 times more, than in carrots, and in 50 times more, than in tomatoes.

Presence of recommendations from the leading international and Russian medical institutions (the Swiss Institute of Vitamins, the international certificates «HALAL» and «KOSHER», the State scientific research institute of vitamins of the Russian Federation, State SES the Russian Federation, the Russian diabetic Association, Russian association " Mammology ", РОСТЕСТ - Moscow, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, etc.) allows to use the red palm oil "Zlata Palma"® within the limits of the National project in the state program «Nation invigoration». Consumers of the red palm oil is the medical institutions, oncological, diabetic, cultural and health-improving, sports centers and associations, sanatoriums.



Consumers of oil are the major hospitals, cancer, diabetes, cultural, recreational, sports centers and associations, resort-sanatorium institution and the association of pharmacy chains of Russian Federation.

A successful (during 4 years) foreign trade activity between malaysian manufacturer of the palm butte oil « Unitata Berhad » and the russian company of Ltd. «Palm Oil Group» take a higher level of the intergovernmental relations between Malaysia and Russia. Within the limits of intergovernmental agreements, the government of Malaysia is directly interested in increasing the deliveries of the red palm oil in the Russian Federation, and also other high-quality products as tea tree oil, fruit fragrant soap and ointments on the basis of the red palm oil for medical, preventive and cosmetic institutions and the centers of the Russian Federation, in what also the government of the Russian Federation within the limits of the state program « Nation invigoration» directly is interested. Now deliveries of the red palm oil are in the Russian Federation under special attention of both states within the limits of development and increase of the foreign trade connections between two countries.