Results of abuse


Almost all people of different ages, using the red palm oil for the health prevention or for, as a perfect product of the feed, notice a burst of energy, amelioration, disease relief.

Especially, feel the amelioration elderly and old people. This oil help relieve pain of articulations, easy to go, some of them get rid of stick, easier manage with steps and floors, sugar is reduced in the blood, can help to ease the problem of diabetic foot, to relieve pressure.

Vision becomes better. Disappear such factors as xerophthalmus, pricking, “black flies”, and “lightning”, slows down the development of cataract. Skin becomes better. Disappears peeling of skin. Ulcers and irritations heal quicker. The processes of the atrophic nasopharynx are relieved, formation of crust is relieved. There are many other results.

Fedorova Lyudmila Kuzminichna, 72 years,
Rheumatoid arthritis, stomach ulcer, insular diabetes.

I did not sleep normally three years. I could not lie calmly, because of severe pain in bones. Medicine did not help me. This oil was my last hope. On the 4th day of intake this oil, according to the recommendation (one table spoon on an empty stomach), I was asleep well for the first time. When I woke up, I understood that my pain in the bones is relieved. After two weeks, I could get rid of the stick, in month I could go to the grave of my parents and clean there for the last three years.

Besides from third week discomfort in a stomach practically was gone, in a month sugar became normal. I received permission from the doctors (endocrinology, rheumatolog) to lower a dose of medicine.

I learn again a normal way of life with pleasure!

Drozdov Egor Stepanovich, 73 years,
South Ural.

I had a heart attack in 2000. Three years I used red palm oil as prevention. I live without tablets, I feel fine, work, I do all in my garden with pleasure. Cholesterol is in norm.


It is recommended to use it on an empty stomach, with a view of prevention and for health resumption: One table spoon (15ml) - for adult person; For the child (7ml). Mothers, that cannot nurse a kid, have to give daily a half of teaspoon to the child (after doctor’s advice of the podiatrist). The mothers, who cannot feed their little-one with breast, it follows to daily give to child (after consultation with the observing pediatrician) on the half of the tea spoon of oil. Linoleic acid is necessary to little-one. It contains in breast milk, but in the majority, there are no its children's mixtures. The natural fat-soluble vitamins and linoleic acid, find in oil "Zlata Palma" ®, will render assistance in the development of child, strengthening of his immune system. It is better to take oil in the mornings on an empty stomach, when mucosa of the gullet, stomach and bowels are free from the food. Enveloping and impregnating them, oil renders invaluable aid in the sanitation of the epithelium, the healing of wounds and ulcers but if this version of the intake of oil does not approach, then it is possible to use it during the food (for example, with the lettuce) or immediately after it, since the bilious acids, which facilitate mastering the fat-soluble vitamins, actively enter from the liver into the bowels after the consumption of food.

Klepikov Mary Alekseyevna, 74 years.

I live alone. Feet entirely have been rejected; I could not even prepare food. I fell into the depression, because of pain and that I could not do something. Oil proved to be for me the elixer of life. After monthly intake I walk confidently on the flat, I can serve myself. I want to live, I feel happiness.

Kosolapova L.I.

My sister is 65 years old. She has rheumatoid arthritis many years.

I advised to use oil. Before the intake of oil my sister passed examination and made analyses. Results: high content of leukocytes in the blood, sand in the kidneys, high SOE - 39 units, cholesterol exceed standard. The inflammation in the joints was over during the intake of medicine and oil.

Sister arrived in hospital, but continued the intake of oil. Now: SOE - normal, leukocytes - normal, cholesterol - normal, sand in the kidneys completely disappeared. Now she takes additives with calcium. In two months she will again take oil.

Ivanova L.V., 59 years,

Substantial amelioration of cardiovascular system, normalization of stool, disappeared "blackfly" before the eyes, ceased constant vertigoes, appeared clarity of vision.

Akhmetov G., 77 years.

I had a rotting stroke, as a result - right-side hemiplegia in 2003. Attention, memory were destroyed, I did not recognize my relatives, I could not orient in the area, time. I could not serve myself without help after stroke during the year.

From March 2003 the doctor recommended the intake of oil - on 1 table spoon on an empty stomach. I took three months, memory, gait gradually began to restore, gait, began to orient, continued the oil "Zlata Palma"®.

Isayeva A.A. 68 years.
IBS. Moscow.

After intake 1 bottle of oil (1,1l) sharply reduced the intake of nitroglycerine. It began to more easily rise on the 5 floor, rarely make pauses.

Vishnjakov S.V., 63 years.
Ramenskoye, Moscow area.

23 years worked by driver, the whole life for the entering wheel. Certainly, because of this work I have “bouquet” of the diseases, such as stomach ulcer, hemorrhoid, veins on the feet. Vision became worse, suffered from pressure.

I thought, as all, this already age... My wife brought red palm oil. She began to drink in the mornings and noted that the health becoming better, pressure is reduced. I was convinced to do the same. First I did not believe, but in two weeks I got rid of lead pain in the feet. I felt full of energy; I forgot about ulcer, my eyes stopped water after puzzling crosswords. But the most surprising thing- I forgot about the smell from the mouth. If to be honest, I also forgot about the hemorrhoid.

Zorkova L.P., 69 years
vegetovascular dystonia, headaches,
weakness, cholecystitis

In the course of 4 months I used red palm oil. I got rid of headaches, I have a power to move and do things, now pressure is normal, the state of the skin became better.

ADVICE: with the take of oil it is necessary to try not to swallow it immediately, but to relish so that all gums, upper and lower palate, throat would be lubricated .It is very useful to oil nose cavities, gum.
Balakina Lybov Efimovna, pension age,

Oil made a wonderful influence on me. Now I am full of energy, were improved memory, vision has become better, I did not see “black fly” before the eyes; I forgot about joints, edemas have become less. But the main thing -18 years I suffered from headaches. I was very long expected by doctors, but they could not help me. But now, because of miraculous oil, all this is behind!

Fedorenko Nikolay Pavlovich, 55 years,

I have paralysis as a result of the transferred injury of back in 15 years. Oil "Zlata Palma"® is consumed during the day by small doses.

The results:

— significant impairment unhealthy manifestations of chronic colitis,

— I do not feel a pain in the region of the liver and kidneys, which I always felt after the consumption of food.

Nikolai Pavlovich describes his sensations as follows: "Oil worked with the stomach, the bowels and the liver, and now started to work with kidneys". There is no peeling and xerosis of the skin that was from the childhood and it was unsuspected for me (from the words of mother, after the transferred infection). The skin became elastic and soft.

Khazhbiyeva Lydia, 46 years,

I suffered from severe pain in the feet. I could not much walk. On the fourth month I felt relief after consumption of this oil; on the sixth month – I did not feel the pain practically, became considerably more mobile. I continue to use this oil.

Ponizova N.D.

It dripped oil into the eyes at the tearfulness of eyes, lacrimal canals were clogged. Result - canals were cleared, eyes do not water.

My client - elderly person suffered from the ulcers on the feet, he put on different ointments, had the bandagings, nothing helped him. Bought oil, began to drink on the table spoon on an empty stomach and lubricate 3 times a day of ulcer by oil. Ulcers were cicatrized. Moreover the pressure began to reduce.

Man suffered from baldness. He began daily to take the oil, drunk as food additive. Hair began to appear in two weeks.

I recommend to all to drink this oil as gift from nature and from the God!

The abuse of oil helps to manage with the chronic fatigue and the pressure, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, improves the state of cardiovascular and respiratory system, contributes to the clearing of the organism from the consequences of chronic processes, increases the protective forces of organism.

There are many positive results, when people have the varicose expansion of veins.

In all observations in the beginning of the intake of oil was noticed the exacerbation of diseases for some time.

Dosmaganbetova U.S., 50 years,
a doctor of high qualification,

Constantly disturbed headaches, chronic fatigue, low hemoglobin, frequent exacerbation of chronic pneumonia, after 45 years - mastopathy, it wore glasses +2,5.

I began to take oil on 1 table spoon on an empty stomach. In several days I felt myself considerably more cheerful, sleep became normal, in the mornings began to wake up rested, I have not headaches, hemoglobin rose up 120 un., I do not feel the problems, from which the women are suffered at this age, they became less they were perceived.

In three months after the beginning of the intake of oil I had a cough. Appeared the phlegm, then cough ceased. And, as I expected, knowing the content of oil, vision became better and I had to order new glasses!

I continue to consume oil «Zlata Palma"®. And not only me, the whole family begins the morning from the table spoon of oil. All became stronger, and in the periods of the epidemics of influenza we are protected and forget about diseases.

Baychigasheva Saltanat,

I am a confectioner of 4th grade, I work 12 years in this sphere from. Now I did not work, because of invalidity (2 group), that I got at manufacture. By this time I "got": chronic bronchitis, asthma, chronic cholecystitis, chronic pyelonephritis and many other diseases. With this bouquet of diseases I was treated in the hospitals with the enviable constancy.

But in January, 2004 I had a last hospitalization. I learned about the miraculous palm oil. I took oil on the table spoon on an empty stomach in the course of 10 months. And here is the result: health became better, suffocation disappeared, cough ceased, pressure was normalized, diseases ceased – doctors took disablement away!

I lost weight from 102 kilograms to 73! I needed a new cloakroom. My second generation all noticed, including my husband, who was always skeptic. Looking at my results, he believed in this miracle. Because of oil, he refused from the diet, which kept for 13 years, because of the duodenum!

From the experience of the use of oil in Samara:

Selishcheva M.N., 53 years
stenosis of vessel, operation on the internal carotid artery in 2003,

At nasals and other first signs ORVI and ARD we bury on a half pipette of red palm oil into each nostril, trying in this case that oil envelop the whole larynx. 2 - 4 such burials remove all symptoms of infectious diseases.

Those, who conduct such burials before the exit from the house, did not ill in the periods of the epidemics of influenza, they protected themselves.

Galina Alekseyevna, 50 years,
papillomatosis of larynx,

The dangerous indexes were reduced with the intake of red palm oil: triglycerides, the lipoproteins of the low of density(LDL), general cholesterol.

As a result of very complex operation on the extraction of a tooth, there was made a dissection of gum. A strong tumor was formed on the cheek, chin, there was a swelling on a neck. Because of the allergic reactions to the medicines I was forced to forego the method of those assigned to me antibiotics. For the state relief I kept red palm oil in the mouth for a long time and put on the places of strong edema by cream "BLACK GOLD".

To my surprise and surprise of doctors, even without taking antibiotics, the resolution of tumor, the removal of inflammation and the healing of cloths passed in 6 days!

I had an operation. I take oil on an empty stomach, not by swallow, but relishing that it envelops larynx. The hoarseness of voice considerably decreased, I began more easily to speak, and there is no feeling of obstacles in the throat. The pressure was reduced, vital tone increased, mood was improved.

About results, recieved during a comparatively short period in Penza, tells Olga Leshchenko, the leader of Penza structure:

After three months of the intake of red palm oil, the blood analysis of one of our consumer, showed a significant decrease of the cholesterol level. It is noted that the barleys are passed, if we to put oil on eyelids.

After two week of oil consumption the signs of ulcer stopped to declare. Some women felt that the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome disappeared; some with happiness note the decrease of the symptoms, characteristic for the climacteric period after the month of the oil intake.

The local application of oil made it helped the child to cure dermatitis, from which was very difficult to get rid of several years.

Five people on the 3-5 times of the local application of oil got rid of the hemorrhoid.

Abuov Izbasar, 56 years,
Khromtau, Kazakhstan.

In the course of 5 years he suffered from the stenocardia of stress, constantly took nitroglycerine. When he intensive walked , at the physical load, at the emotional experience strokes disturbed. It bore constantly tablets with myself, began to fear for my life. In a month of the oil intake, there were no strokes any more. Stopped to take nitroglycerine, I feel myself well.

Mal'nina Valentina, 38 years,
limfotoz, lowered hemoglobin,

2 months took red oil. Hemoglobin increased up to 126 units. I began to feel myself normally. I am full of energy.

Bekbayev S., 55 years,
Hypertonic disease.
Atyrau, Kazakhstan.

He suffers from frequent crises for many years, is registered on the book "D", pressure constantly 220/120- by 130 mm. Took oil from January, 2004, on the table spoon on an empty stomach. At present the pressure was stabilized - 160/90 mm.

Korobeyko Tatiana

Cured successfully purulent conjunctivitis of the children with the aid of oil o "Zlata Palma"®. She dripped on the finger and concentrated the lacrimal channel 1-2 times in a day. Some of the mothers used this method to cure their children.

I use as drops into the nose at a cold. I use at the preparation of food, children drink with the pleasure, immunity was strengthened, they are healthy and cheerful.

Father, 73 years, after the previous stroke, he takes oil almost a year yr with pauses. He feels himself well, drives a car (he began to drive in a month after stroke).

Polyakov Dmitriy. 46 years

I took oil and complex BAD.


Normal arterial pressure ( now - 125/75, in the past - 160/100 or 150/90) ,

The level of sugar in the blood became normal. There were numbers 8 - 9 un., now 4,2 - 5,

Left the symptoms of cholecystitis - frequent tingling in the right sub costal area.

Stopped the destruction of dental enamel, the development of caries,

The reduction of the vision has stopped.

Vision = 1. I can Again much write and read. Eyes do not get tired,

Sleep was restored - 8 hours. The sleep was short before the consuming (4 – 5 hours, woke up frequently, fall asleep with difficuty.

I can work very long now,

Does not disturb lumbar osteochondrosis,

There are no nervousness, irritability.

Urazbayeva Gul'zira, 50 years,
operating nurse,
the varicose expansion of veins

From 1990 till 1996 she worked as operating nurse. Varicose veins - our occupational disease. Abuse of palm red oil gives the perceptible effect: pull veins, pains decrease.

Kushembayeva A., 55 years
Varicose veins.
Atyrau, Kazakhstan.

I could not sleep in the nights, because of the strong pains. Doctors proposed an operational interference. In the course of two months I take oil. Veins gradually are pulled, thrombi are resolved, and sleep became normal, The general state is improved. Observations are conducted.

Fedotova Svetlana, 32 years,

I took red palm oil for the state improvement of the skin. In two weeks my skin became more moistened, stopped to peel. Many people, who use oil, and doctors - gastroenterologists, who observe after the using oil patients, note an improvement in the state of gastrointestinal tract. Ulcers are rapidly cicatrized in the stomach, including bleeding, pains in the stomach are disappeared, stool is becoming better, become sensitive rarely gastritis and pancreatitis.

Rozova L.I. 60 years
dyskinesia of bile tracts, gastritis, colitis of bowels, hypertonia, short sightedness, the syndrome of chronic fatigue,

She took on 1 dessert spoon of oil 2 times in a day. Bile production became normal; the work of gastrointestinal tract was restored. Arterial pressure was stabilized (130/90). Sometimes it rises, but not more than 160/100. The vision was improved (1,5 dioptries).

Woman, 40 years
The diagnosis: ulcer of duodenum.

She took oil on 1 dessert spoon 3 times in a day: in the morning on an empty stomach, before the dinner, in the evening before the sleep. Healing in 1 month.

Drozdov A. E., 47 years,
Stomach ulcer.

He suffered from stomach ulcer 12 years. I was asleep, when I was sitting. On the insistence of sister began to abuse oil: 1 dessert spoon on an empty stomach in the morning, 1 dessert spoon in the evening before the sleep. At 7 o’clock in the evening ate the last time. At the inspection on US in 7 months after the beginning of the use of oil the ulcer is not discovered..

Morozova. L.,45 years,
Khromtau, Kazakhstan.

In the summer, in 2003 for the first time at gastroscopy was found ulcer of duodenum. She took oil on 1 table spoon on an empty stomach before 1 hour of eating. In 15 days at the repeated inspection ulcer was not found. Doctors were very astonished.

Woman, 58 years.
Chronic colitis, bolts, hemorrhoid with bleeding.
Aktyubinsk, Kazakhstan.

She took oil on 1 desert spoon 2 times in a day: in the morning and in the evening before the sleep. In the evening made the micro of enema with 2 ml of oil and compress with the cotton on the night. Bleeding stopped after 3 days. In 10 days there was no hemorrhoid.

Kritinina Lubov, 46 years,

Resection of stomach, Crohn’s disease, soldering of bowels. For 12 months she had seven operations.

Red palm oil uses 1 time in a day on the table spoon. There is no pain in the stomach, passed pains in the bowels, swelling. According to the agreement with the doctors stopped the intake of medicines.

Vasil'yev O.B.

Gastritis became intensive. In 7 days after the abuse of oil disappeared the pains in the stomach, the work of bowels is normal.

Husband noted an improvement in the work of the liver, disappeared heartburn, meteorism, gravity in the stomach.

Kachmazova Alana, 15 years,
Diagnosis: night enuresis

After the three-month consumption of oil "Zlata Palma” decreased symptoms of this disease. Appetite was improved, disappeared weakness and sleepiness.

Vitamins and the irreplaceable fatty acids of oil act on vision very well. In practice, all people at the age from 35 to 50 years, which use oil for preventive purposes or only as perfect food product, have improvement vision (sightedness becomes less). Some people stopped to wear glasses.

Andreeva Galina Petrovna, 46 years

Some time ago appeared the problem: long sightedness. It was necessary to read the printed text at a distance of the elongated hand.

In 1,5 months after the intake of oil I suddenly found out that I can read a text, printed by very small type, without moving it aside, from the eyes. And with happiness I found out that the problem with the sight disappeared. I read and I write - as in the youth without the glasses.

Except red palm oil I take nothing in these months. Therefore, we can assert that this oil gave a wonderful result.

Komkova Tamara Pavlova, 55 years

Short sightedness (many years + 4, 0), the problems of gastrointestinal tract, paradontoz, the inflated veins on the feet. She began to take oil on one large swallow during the day on an empty stomach.

- n three weeks she found out in the metro that can read without glasses. At this time, accidentally broke glasses. After the absence of others took old + 2, which she did not use 2 years, because of their weakness. She understood that they approach. Sight became better!

- the state of gastrointestinal tract became considerable better,

- considerably less swell and ill veins on the feet at the prolonged walking,

- passed the symptoms of paradontoz.

Sidunova Cristina, 20 years
South Urals.

Before the abuse of red palm oil she bore glasses + 3,5. In 9 months of the abuse of red palm oil on 1 table spoon it in the morning on an empty stomach refused from glasses. Now vision - 100%.

Usarayeva Selima, 52 years

Several years she could not read small type without glasses. After two months of the oil intake she suddenly found that there is no more long sightedness, vision was restored!

Woman, 55 years

Burn of eyes was 20 years ago. Vision +3. Used oil on 1 tea spoon, 2 times in a day. She made each day oil compress on the eyes for 30 minutes on the night. The vision was improved in 4 months, became +1.

Doctors - gynecologists reached good results on the use of red palm oil:

Woman, 38 years
The bleeding erosion of the neck of womb.
Aktyubinsk (Kazakhstan).

She took oil on 1 dessert spoon, 2 times in a day: in the morning on an empty stomach before eating (30 min.), in the evening before the sleep. Daily were placed tampons in the sheath. Healing occurred in 1 month.

Bella, Vladivostok.

I used oil in the course of two months. There were no lumps in the breast in two months. But since I work in kindergarten, we pass 1 time in three months inspection by gynecologist. With the sequential visit of doctor, the gynecologist focused attention on a good state of womb and neck of womb.

Woman, 40 years

Operations in the female hormonal sphere. Complete disturbance of hormonal background. 8 years "sat" on the hormonal medicine. Hormonal background considerably was improved after three months of the oil using, the regularity of female cycles was restored.

Woman, 25 years
Endocervicitis - the inflammation of the neck of womb.
Aktyubinsk (Kazakhstan)

Tampons in the sheath. Healing in 15 days.

Natalie, 36 years,

One year ago she suffered from severe pains in the region of stomach, inspection showed myoma - 1sm. As a result of brain concussion - strong headaches. She had an operation on the thyroid gland - hormones were prescribed. On the whole, the bouquet of diseases, the state of health is critical.

I took oil at about one year, now, I feel myself excellent, it is cheerful, full of energy, forgot about pains. I was in Ukraine, the over flight and the change of time transferred excellent. After sequential inspection I found: the blood is good, sugar, cholesterol – is normal, fat metabolism also. I look nice, young, the skin rejuvenated. I recommend this product my familiar, give to my child (he is 2 years old) , who also forgot about the catarrhal diseases, immunity strengthened.

Woman, 45 years.
Reddenings under the mammary glands, in the inguinal places.

Put on 2 times in a day. Irritation passed in 3 days.

Oil renders an irreplaceable aid at the burns:

Rozov S.V., a young man.
Strong burn by acid.

In several hours after the burn (desirable do this immediately after burns!), put compress on with oil for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes there was no redness and the burning of the skin ceased. Compress put again on with oil. In one hour or in a half hour the pain disappeared inside the muscular tissue of hand. Several days lubricated hand by oil. The skin healed without seen signs of burn.

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